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It has been a year! Last year, a 93 -year-old shop lot in Pudu has been transformed into an aesthetic café. As a pioneer in promoting decaf coffee in Malaysia, the journey of curating exceptional decaf has been challenging, but we are still committed to curate a selection of premium decaf coffee and make it accessible to all. 

Throughout this odyssey, we're deeply grateful for our customers' unwavering support and appreciation for our craft. As we celebrate with our loyal customers, dedicated members and the wider community, we have prepared a series of activities and offers for all to enjoy.

Our anniversary event will be an ode to Spillstone Coffee's spirit and a heartfelt thank-you to all who've supported us along the way. 

Introducing our Decaf Drip Bag! Enjoy the same taste, aroma and flavour in the convenience of your place.

The same favourite cold brew coffee, now brew with:
Black is Temperamental,
White is Hypersensitive.

Get our limited anniversary travel glass with sleeve. Comes with 2 different sleeves, a glass straw and a cleaning brush. For a limited time only.



A B O U T   U S

The Ouroboros is our muse. A serpent/dragon that expresses the unity of all things, which perpetually change form in an eternal cycle of re-creation. This is the face of our brand, along with our word-mark. 

Spillstone® looks to serving those who are hypersensitive to caffeine a cup of coffee that they can enjoy in peace, and also present more option for people who are mindful about limiting their caffeine intake.

Our goal is to grow awareness among people regarding the side effects of caffeine. We believe that things are more enjoyable when we’re not dependent on it, like coffee. 

Not just decaf, good decaf